Lalitpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) is dedicated to nurturing and empowering small, medium and large enterprises through a comprehensive range of programs and initiatives aimed at enhancing their knowledge, skills, and competitiveness in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Training, Workshops, and Interaction Programs: LCCI places a strong emphasis on capacity building and skill development for SMEs through a series of tailored training programs. Over the past five years, LCCI has organized 30 training sessions covering diverse topics ranging from marketing management to productivity improvement and Kaizen & 5S methodologies. These programs have benefitted 553 individuals from small enterprises, equipping them with the necessary tools to thrive in today’s dynamic market environment. Additionally, LCCI conducts interactive workshops to increase awareness among SMEs on critical business matters such as VAT, income tax, government policies, and management efficiency. Through 22 workshops conducted in the last five years, LCCI has reached 1046 beneficiaries, fostering a culture of continuous learning and knowledge-sharing within the business community.

Industrial Exhibition: Since 1995, LCCI has been organizing the Lalit Industrial Fair, a flagship event aimed at promoting indigenous products of Lalitpur on both a regional and national scale. This prestigious exhibition has emerged as a cornerstone of the local business calendar, attracting exhibitors not only from Lalitpur but also from across the Kathmandu Valley and beyond. With ambitions to elevate the exhibition to a national and international platform, LCCI remains committed to showcasing the rich diversity and innovation of Lalitpur’s industrial sector.

Information Services: LCCI serves as a vital hub for business and economic information, collecting valuable insights from various sources and disseminating them to members through mail, circulars, newsletters, and its dedicated information section. The chamber’s official bulletin, Artha, serves as a comprehensive resource for members, offering updates on LCCI’s activities as well as pertinent business information. Moreover, LCCI’s secretariat provides invaluable assistance to members seeking guidance on business registration procedures across different government offices.

Income Tax and VAT Assistance: In addition to providing informational support, LCCI facilitates its members’ seamless registration at income tax and VAT offices, offering expert counseling and guidance on tax-related matters to ensure compliance and regulatory adherence.

Advocacy, Representation, and Lobbying: LCCI serves as a powerful advocate for the business community of Lalitpur, representing their collective interests and concerns at various government and non-governmental forums. Through strategic lobbying efforts and policy recommendations, LCCI actively engages with policymakers to address key issues affecting the business environment and foster a conducive atmosphere for economic growth and prosperity.

Social Development Initiatives: Committed to contributing to the social fabric of Lalitpur, LCCI actively participates in a wide range of social and cultural activities, supporting initiatives such as Kartic Nach, a traditional ritual dance performed at Patan Durbar Square. Furthermore, LCCI has established a dedicated fund to support socio-cultural endeavors and provides scholarships to deserving students from government schools, underscoring its commitment to holistic community development.

In summary, LCCI’s multifaceted approach encompasses not only economic empowerment but also social and cultural enrichment, reflecting its unwavering dedication to driving sustainable growth and prosperity in Lalitpur and beyond.