Lalitpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry, being an umbrella organization established in 2023 Chaitra 4 for the betterment of business community of Lalitpur has persistently been providing services to its members and business communities to strengthen their business and industries in Lalitpur District. The Chamber has been providing training, business support services, consultancy, workshop and interaction program to increase their performance level at national and international level. In this pursuit, LCCI has been organizing various types of fair since 1995 to develop market for indigenous products of Nepal.

In terms of providing services LCCI has been organizing Lalit Trade Fair as a platform to promote and exhibit various local indigenous products as well as international products. It specially encourages women entrepreneurs and support Nepal's very own innovative handmade products by promoting micro and small cottage businesses. Handicrafts products like copper/brass utensils, hay products, Lokta Paper products, Dhaka textiles, copper/brass statues, silver jewelries, and bone products etc. has been the major attraction so far. Promotion and awareness of these business has been the source of income for the local people and their lifestyle. Large number of people specially newar community has been preserving these art of craftsmanship and providing employment to many Nepalese.   

On the other hand, these products have been major exportable products of Lalitpur which directly contributes in the national economy. Thus, to create awareness and to promote new handicraft products of Nepal, this trade fair has been organized for local and international.



The main aim of the exhibition is to promote indigenous products of Nepal to contribute to economic development of the country. In an individual level LALIT TRADE FAIR 2019 will also help participants to promote their business.

The other specific objectives are:

  • To encourage small entrepreneurs to develop new handicraft products and services
  • To provide opportunities to explore market within national and international regions.
  • To provide opportunities to get closer contact will their ultimate customers and get direct feedback from them
  • Develop business ties

Major attraction

  • Direct Deal with Customers
  • International Booth
  • Branding Opportunity
  • Musical and Cultural Program
  • Evening light show
  • Media Attention
  • Province 3 Pavilion
  • Lobbying with Government and other Concern
  • B2B and B2C - Business Opportunities

Organizing committee

  • Main Committee ( LCCI Executive Board Member chaired by LCCI President)
  • Publicity/ Participants Collection Sub – Committee
  • Security Sub – Committee
  • Stall Construction & Sanitation Sub – Committee
  • Opening / Closing Ceremony Management Sub – Committee
  • Seminar/Conference Sub – Committee

Preliminary program outline:

Day 1: 27 Chaitra 2075, Wednesday

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Exhibition
  • Other activities (Musical and cultural program)

Day 2: 28 Chaitra 2075, Thursday

  • Exhibition
  • Other activities (Musical and cultural program)

Day 3: 29 Chaitra 2075, Friday

  • Exhibition
  • Other activities (Musical and cultural program)

Day 4: 30 Chaitra 2075, Saturday

  • Exhibition
  • Other activities (Musical and cultural program)

Day 5: 1 Baisakh 2076, Sunday

  • Exhibition
  • Other activities (Musical and cultural program)
  • Closing Ceremony

* Above program schedule are subject to change as per requirement

Previous Trade Fair

  • International Lalit Trade Fair 2018
  • Lalitpur Industrial Fairs (4 times)
  • I Love Lalitpur
  • Lalitpur Festival 2013
  • Attraction

Fair Attraction

  • New creative Products
  • Reasonable Price
  • Musical Program
  • Cultural Program
  • International Booth
  • Food Stall

Promotion Strategy

  • Television
  • Newspaper
  • Website
  • Radio Station
  • Social Network
  • Street Announcement

Outcome of the event

  • Sales & Marketing, Promotion and Branding
  • Media Mileage and awareness
  • Institutionalization of the Sector
  • Business Affiliations and linkages
  • International Message and Ground work for establishment of international market
  • Strengthening Association and Identifying New customers


  • Earlier more than 100 participants were allowed to participate to provide many options. However, this year only limited selected 40 - 50 participants will be allowed to participate for quality and space.
  • International Products
  • Handicraft Products (Statue, Jewelry, Paper, etc.)
  • Garments (Woolen, Pashmina, T-shirt, etc.)
  • Textiles (Dhaka and Khaki)
  • Agro and Herbal Products
  • Traditional Decorating Accessories and Wood Craft
  • Traditional Paintings and Thanka
  • Corporate (Bank and Insurance)
  • Food Stall (Local Taste) and more.

The Visitor

  • Local people and Tourist
  • Retailer
  • National and International Businessmen

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